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About Varifocals

Are you a person that can never find their reading glasses when you need them most? Maybe you've even tried to solve this by buying so many glasses you have a pair in every room, in the car and at work? You should try varifocal lenses! They are specially designed for presbyopia, which affects all of us sooner or later.


Varifocal lenses - choose the one that suits you!

You can use weekly or monthly varifocal lenses for 2-4 weeks. You put them in in the morning and take them out at night for cleaning and storage.


With daily disposable varifocal lenses you use a fresh new pair every morning and throw them away in the evening. You do not have to worry about cleaning or storing them. As comfortable and hygienic as it can get! If you only wear contact lenses for special occasions daily disposable lenses are the most economical option. Imagine that you are going away on a skiing holiday and normally wear glasses. If you bring disposable lenses you will not have snow on your glasses or the hassle of glasses under goggles or sunglasses.


Do you wish you could always have perfect vision? Then you should try extended wear varifocal lenses. For up to four weeks you can wear the same lenses without changing them. These are perfect for those who work long shifts, forget to take their lenses out at night or are just tired of not seeing clearly when they wake up in the morning.


Who can use them?

Progressive lenses will work for most people with presbyopia. Have you had perfect vision all your life and now suddenly have to wear a pair of glasses? This can be a big change. You might not recognize yourself when you look in the mirror and perhaps you think that the glasses make you look old. These are things that you can avoid through wearing progressive lenses.


If you have trouble seeing far away while suffering from presbyopia, varifocal lenses are the perfect solution. If you already wear contact lenses, you have probably started supplementing them with reading glasses. Since progressive lenses are made to allow you to see well close up and from afar at the same time, you never have to worry about where you put reading glasses!


What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia comes from the Greek word ‘presbys’ meaning ‘old man’. Some people after turning 40 start to notice that their vision close up is blurred no matter how perfect their vision was before. Over time the lens you have in your eye stiffens and loses elasticity which leads to you finding it difficult to focus on close objects. The effort needed to try and read a text by holding it at arm’s length often causes headaches and fatigue. The problem can be fixed with bifocal glasses but today varifocal lenses do the same job. If you want to start using varifocal lenses you require careful testing by an optician and there may be an adjustment period.


The design of variofocals

Varifocal lenses are more angled in the middle and flatter towards the edges than normal lenses. They gradually increase in strength from the edge to the center of the lens. This allows you to see clearly at all distances. Unlike reading glasses you do not need to lower your gaze while reading because these lenses follow your eye movements. If you focus on something in the distance your eyes with progressive lenses to learn to ignore near objects and vice versa.

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