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About Solutions

Contact lens solution is a necessity for most lens wearers, especially those who use weekly or monthly lenses. Lenses that you can reuse should always be cleaned and kept in contact lens solution. Coloured contact lenses, bifocal lenses and toric lenses also need to be cleaned! It's very simple because you use the same liquid for rinsing, cleaning, disinfection and storage.


Why is it so important to use contact lens solution?

Viruses, bacteria and fungi are not something you want in your eyes! Don’t you want your lenses to maintain their quality during your usage? Clean your lenses and lens case with lens solution to prevent infection and protein deposits forming whilst keeping them soft and flexible. Clean contact lenses are so much more comfortable than dirty lenses!


Here's how to clean your lenses

1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

2. Place the lens in the palm of your hand and rub both sides of the lens using the little finger together with a few drops of lens solution.

3. Rinse the lens with lens solution and put it in the case.

4. Fill the trays with solution and close the lids.

Always read the instructions that come with your lens solution.


If you neglect your lenses you may suffer from the disease acanthamoeba keratitis. It is very rare but acanthamoeba can be found in tap water, so you should never clean your lenses in anything other than contact lens solution.


Do not forget the case!

Lens cases are used for storage of your lenses overnight or anytime that you temporarily take them out. Just like you clean your lenses with lens solution, you should also use it to clean the case. To avoid turning your lens case into a paradise for bacteria you should clean it after you put your lenses in in the morning and then let it air dry before using it again. Also don’t keep using the same lens case for too long. We recommend that you use a new one every two or three months.


Are you going to travel?

Lenses in contact lens solution are easy to take in hand luggage when you are traveling. You do not need to worry about them breaking or the case leaking everywhere. Since 2006, the amount of liquids you are allowed to bring in your hand luggage on a flight is limited and therefore you might not be able to take your usual contact lens solution. If you buy ReNu Flight Pack you will get two regulation size lens solutions that you can travel with. It's super handy to have extra lens solution with you, whether you're flying halfway around the world or simply going away for the weekend by coach.

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