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About Multifocals

Some people after turning 40 may start to notice that they are having difficulty reading the newspaper and menus in restaurants. Do you need to hold texts at a distance in order to read what it says? Reading glasses have long been the answer but now there are also lenses that solves the problem. Try multifocal lenses and you will discover how liberating it is to never have to keep track of your reading glasses!


Multifocal lenses or bifocal lenses as they are also called, are specially designed for presbyopia.The words originates from the Greek ‘presbys’ meaning ‘old man’. Over time the lens you have in your eye stiffens and loses elasticity which leads to you finding it difficult to focus on close objects. The effort needed to try and read a text by holding it at arm’s length often causes headaches and fatigue.


Who can use them?

If you have lived without glasses most of your life it can feel hard to suddenly start using reading glasses. You may also find that the glasses make you look older than you really are! With multifocal lenses, you retain your natural looks and you can continue to be your youthful self!


Multifocal lenses are the perfect solution for those who already have impaired vision and wear lenses. With multifocal lenses you see well at a distance and focus at close range. Use them instead of having to periodically put on and take off reading glasses with normal lenses. Don’t you also find that your reading glasses always seem to be missing when you need them most? There are multifocal lenses for all kinds of needs, find the type that is best for you! 

A common alternative are monthly lenses or monthly lenses that you use for 2-4 weeks. You put them in the morning and take them out at night for cleaning and storage during the night.


Many lens wearers dream of being able to see clearly both near and far, at any time of day. With multifocal extended wear lenses this is actually possible! You can wear your contact lenses for up to four weeks without changing them. These are excellent for those not wanting to spend time cleaning their lenses, who work late shifts or travel a lot.


Fresh lenses every day

For those who don’t want to think or worry about cleaning and storing their lenses, multifocal daily disposable lenses are the answer. You will use a fresh new pair of lenses every morning and throw them away in the evening. If you normally use multifocal/bifocal glasses, it may be worth having a supply of multifocal daily disposable lenses that you can use when you exercise. Imagine you are out playing a round of golf, you do not want you to risk your glasses slipping off every time you hit the ball. Additionally, you are free to choose from all the great sunglasses that are without power.


Multifocal lenses designed

Multifocal (bifocal) lenses give you simultaneous perfect vision at a distance and close up. This is thanks to the lens being divided into alternating rings of power for distance and close vision. Unlike multifocal/bifocal reading glasses you do not need to lower your gaze while reading because these lenses follow your eye movements. Multifocal lenses require careful testing optician and may require an adjustment period. 

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