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About Menicon

Menicon is a Japanese company that has produced contact lenses and lens care products since 1951. Over the years they have developed and manufactured a variety of products in new and innovative materials and styles. This can be seen in the daily disposable contact lens Miru 1-day.


Packaged in an ultra-thin lens blister Miru 1-day requires very little space at 1mm thick. Their aspherical design allows light rays to reach the exact focus point in the eye and the lens material works in conjunction with the water on the surface of the eye. This allows Miru 1-day to provide optimal visual accuracy. The name is fitting because Miru is Japanese for to see.


The lens solution SoloCare Aqua is the first all-in-one lens solution, it is great for disinfecting, cleaning, rinsing, moisturising and storing soft contact lenses.


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