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About Eye Drops

Eye drops are a real lifesaver for dry and tired eyes. There are many causes of dry eyes and lens wearers are especially affected. Prescription eye drops can provide long lasting relief to dry eyes.


Who needs eye drops?

A dry feeling is not the only symptom experienced by people who have dry eyes. Common symptoms include a stinging or rubbing feeling. People who have problems with dry eyes can useso-called comfort drops. These suits both lens and non-lens users. Comfort drops immediately relieve discomfort and tired eyes.


If you use lenses your eye is not able to be fully protected with the natural tear lubricant. This can lead to dry eyes, the lenses beginning to rub and discomfort. Eye drops mix with your natural eye moisture and form a healing shield on the corneal surface. Resulting in your lenses remaining comfortable for a longer time!


How to use eye drops

Instill one drop in each eye and blink two to three times. If you wear contact lenses, put them in after application. Repeat up to four times per day.

What causes dry eyes?

The most common cause of dry eyes is a lack of tears and working at a computer for long periods of time. Whilst focusing on a computer screen you blink fewer times leading to less tears being produced. Dust, smoke, and air conditioning are also common reasons for dry eyes. This is especially true during the winter months. Here you can feel the need for eye drops owing to the combination of the dry outdoor air and air-conditioned indoor environments not being optimal. If you're going to fly, it's a good idea to bring eye drops in your hand luggage. The air in the cabin can be very drying and then you will be glad you remembered to pack the eye drops.


Dirt removing eye drops

In addition to comfort drops, we also have drops which help to keep coatings from forming on your lenses. Fat coatings are common on lenses that are worn for a long time, while protein coatings are more commonly found on lenses that are worn for a short time. The coatings can make the lenses feel uncomfortable and make your eyes red and irritated. Use these drops as a supplement to your regular cleaning routine.

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