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Extended Wear:

About Extended Wear

With extended wear lenses you can get the feeling that you are not wearing any lenses at all. You do not have to worry about cleaning, storing, inserting or removing the lenses. When you wake up you will not have to search for your glasses, and when you are tired after a long day, you can go to bed without first going through the cleaning process, as you probably often wished you could skip. Does this sound too good to be true? This is possible thanks to the revolutionary materialSilicon Hydrogel that allow six times more oxygen to enter the eye than traditional lenses.


You can use extended wear lenses for up to thirty days in a row without changing them. However these may also be good option for everyday use. Are you a lens wearer who suffers from unusually dry eyes? It might be worthwhile trying extended wear lenses because they provide much more moisture to the eye than regular lenses.


Who can use them?

Extended wear lenses are ideal for those who like to travel, work in a job with long shifts, or people who are just tired of not being able to see anything when they step out of bed in the morning. Want to spend less time worrying about your lenses and have more time for fun things? Then extended wear lenses are for you.


Are you going away on a two-month backpacking trip in Asia? Your luggage weight and space will be taken up and you’ll be weighed down with 120 daily lenses or a large lens solution with monthly lenses. Extended wear lenses are the solution! Perhaps you have to stay in a bungalow with no running water or are partying on the beach until the sun rises. You will not be disturbed by your tired eyes or have to think that your lenses must be changed and cleaned. With extended wear lenses, you do not need to plan their usage, they allow you to live in the present! You simply get more time to enjoy the journey and life.


Have you thought about laser eye surgery but afraid of the risk or find it too expensive? Extended wear lenses can serve as a safe and economical alternative. They're so comfortable you'll hardly notice you're wearing them! You only pay a little bit more for them than ordinary monthly lenses but they are cheaper than disposable lenses. They also do not require regular cleaning so you save money on contact lens solution.


With extended wear lenses you can wake up with perfect vision. Stumbling to the bathroom because you can hardly see, will be a thing of the past. These lenses are even more useful for a new parent who has to get up several times a night to take care of their crying baby.


To be able to see perfectly at any time of day is the dream of many glasses and lens wearers. This dream is now possible with extended wear lenses but it is very important that the lens sits correctly in your eye. Visit an optometrist for a lens test and then order the lenses from for optimal comfort!


How can extended wear lenses stay fresh without daily cleaning?

You may think that lenses get dirty and that without daily cleaning they can lead to eye infections. However you can stop worrying because they have a special coating that reduces the build-up of proteins and bacteria. This is important because it is these proteins and bacteria that can lead to eye infections.


If small dust particles accumulate on the lenses you may need to take them out and clean them. To avoid this inconvenience, you should stay away from dusty rooms and cigarette smoke. Try not to get water in your eyes when you shower and use goggles while swimming. Never use lenses longer than your optician recommends.


If you do take out the lenses out you must clean them thoroughly before putting them back in, it is therefore important that you have access to the contact lens solution.


The history behind Extended Wear lenses

Extended wear lenses became popular back in the 1970’s and 80’s. What separated these lenses was their high water content of 55-70%, unlike traditional lenses whose water content was 38.5%. However, their popularity quickly sank when it emerged that several wearers of these lenses had problems, mainly caused by infections of the cornea. The lenses were made from a hydrogel polymer with didn’t allow a good flow of oxygen to the eye. The eyes of people who slept with their lenses in did not receive enough oxygen which lead to infections. Additionally, the high water content dried out after time which enabled bacteria to grow. This led to the individual’s vision becoming blurred and long term damage to the cornea. Oxygen flow to the eye was not as simple as early developers thought and it unfortunately led to eye infections becoming ten times more common in people who sleep with their lenses in. In the mid-1980s most opticians stopped recommending extended wear lenses. Despite this demand for the product continued so researchers worked hard to develop materials for extended wear lenses. In 1999 new extended wear lenses made of Silicon Hydrogel came on the market. Thanks to the silicone the eye has a good oxygen flow and the extreme comfort of hydrogel, extended wear lenses can now be worn for several days and nights on end.

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