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Daily Disposables:

About Daily Disposables

Disposable lenses are designed to be used for only one day. You cannot find a more hygienic type of lens that also offers you ultimate comfort! Every morning, open a fresh new pair of lenses that you can throw away after use. With daily disposable contact lenses you'll never have to worry about cleaning and taking care of your contact lenses again!


Your eyes will appreciate it

From the time you start using a new lens, a coating of proteins, lipids (fats), calcium, and other substances that come from the tear fluid starts to form. If you have worn monthly lenses you know how they require daily cleaning, however you may not remove 100% of all the deposits which can make the eyes become irritated or infected. Daily disposable lenses are always clean and fresh when you use them which reduces the spread of infections and contributes to a very high level of comfort. Clean lenses feel much more comfortable than dirty ones! Plus there is no fuss with contact lens solutions and cases.


Do you use monthly or weekly lenses? Perhaps you have forgotten about when it was the right time to change your lenses. Either you have changed too early, which gives unnecessary costs or you have changed too late which can lead to infections and discomfort. With daily lenses you will not have this problem and if you happen to lose a lens, it is not the end of the world!


Who can use them?

Do you live an active lifestyle and feel that you have more important and better things to spend your time on than cleaning your lenses every day? Whether you like to play sports, party or travel, daily lenses are an excellent solution for you.


Sport: When you play sports you do not want to be disturbed by your glasses fogging up or falling off. At these times it is much more convenient to use daily disposable lenses. You will have full visibility and nothing will come in the way of your performance! Do you usually use glasses? It is a good idea to have a supply of disposable lenses that you can use when you are going to be participating in outdoor sports. Disposable lenses are the most economical option for sporadic lens wearers because you only pay when you actually use them.


Travel: Forget the heavy lens solution in your luggage and just take your daily disposable lenses on the trip. Hygiene conditions are not always the same as when you are at home and it isn’t good to worry about the standard of cleaning when you should be enjoying yourself and relaxing!


Work: Do you have a job where you sit in front of a computer a lot or do you often find yourself in dry and dusty environments? Maybe sometimes your eyes feel dry or almost like you have sand in your eye. Disposable lenses help to minimize the problem of dry eyes. Consider also what a pleasure it will be to come home after a long day at work without having to worry about cleaning your lenses before you go to bed!


Allergies: If you suffer from allergies, you may be extra sensitive to lenses, especially during pollen season. The lens may feel uncomfortable and your eye reacts more easily to proteins and dirt. Disposable lenses are recommended for people with allergies because they are always sterile when inserted into the eye.



Disposable lenses just get cheaper!

A common misconception is that daily disposable lenses are more expensive than other lenses, but in the current market that is not true. The prices of daily disposable lenses have fallen in recent years and they do not require expensive accessories such as contact lens solutions and cases. You only pay for the lenses when you use them, as opposed to monthly lenses that you have to throw after a month although you may have only used them fifteen times. Disposable lenses are the most economical option for sporadic lens wearers because you only pay when you actually use them, avoiding the cost of unused lenses.


The History behind daily disposable lenses

Ron Hamilton is called the father of the daily disposable lens. His dream was to invent a lens that you could wear for a month and then throw away without having to clean it. He left CooperVision in the United States, where he was vice president, and began testing and developing lenses in his own garden in England. He made the discovery that it was possible to manufacture disposable lenses that you wear during the day and then throw away in the evening. He received support from the British government who invested in his projects and the daily disposable lens was launched in 1993. Three years later Bausch & Lomb bought his idea. At the same time across the Atlantic, Johnson & Johnson bought a small contact lens manufacturing company in Florida. They were given access to a special technology that allowed them to produce daily disposable contact lenses on a large scale and in 1994 they launched the 1-Day Acuvue, which remains one of the most popular lenses on the market.


More on disposable contact lenses

The cornea is the transparent section of the eye covering the iris and pupil. It should be kept as clear as possible because it has no blood vessels and instead gets its oxygen directly from the air, and its nutrients through substances from tear fluid. Disposable lenses only let in 40-50% of the oxygen that the eye needs. Overuse of your lenses increases the risk that your eyes will suffer from hypoxia. In mild hypoxia, your eyes may become a little red and look tired. Advanced hypoxia results in very red eyes that look infected. You should then stop using lenses for 3-14 days for the symptoms to go away. If the eyes are exposed to hypoxia for a long time, the eye can begin to grow blood vessels in the cornea that obstruct your view. To avoid oxygen deficiency, it is very important that you take out the daily lens in the evening and let the cornea recover. While sleeping the cornea swells and therefore you should ideally wait 30-35 minutes before putting your lenses in in the morning. Disposable lenses are made of a polymer that is of lower quality than monthly lenses. This plastic stops letting in oxygen quickly, which is why the daily lenses cannot be used longer than one day.

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