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About Coloured Lenses

With tinted lenses you can express yourself in endless ways. Make your green eyes greener, or turn your blue eyes brown. These lenses are available with or without a prescribed strength. They can be just as useful to your eyes as regular contact lenses whilst being a perfect complement to the rest of your outfit. Match the colour of your eyes with your clothes and mood. We have a wide assortment of coloured monthly lens and even daily disposable lenses. Be sure to order contact lens solution.


If you are an experienced lens wearer or just tired of your regular eye colour, why not try coloured contact lenses? See what they can do to your appearance! If you want a subtle look, you can use tinted lenses to enhance your own eye color. Your friends will think you look different but they cannot quite put their finger on what it is.


For a more dramatic look, you can use opaque lenses. These are fully coloured and you can change your eye colour completely. A change that people cannot ignore!


Should you go to a party?

Whether you are going to attend a cocktail party or a masquerade, there is a colour for every occasion. Enhance the "little black dress" with a sensational eye colour. Be the life of the party by choosing a pair of coloured contact lenses that stands out from your eyeshadow. Win Halloween costume contests with genuine vampire eyes.


Coloured contact lenses used to be expensive, but recently they have fallen sharply in price and become affordable to the public. As early as 1939 the film industry used them to create believable monsters and characters. Musician Marilyn Manson has long embraced a unique appearance through using coloured lenses. Did you know that Paris Hilton is a loyal user of coloured contact lenses? Her eyes are actually brown but she uses blue lenses. She herself has said that they are a part of her image in the quest to become an icon. 

Coloured contact lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia?

Unfortunately there are currently no coloured toric lenses or progressive lenses on the market.


General Advice

It is possible that your lens may move slightly in the eye and your natural colour can appear. As you know, adapts pupil size after the light. If you use coloured contact lenses in a dark environment your pupil may dilate to be larger than the transparent central portion of the lens; which in some cases can affect your vision. Keep in mind that it is impossible to determine based on internet images about how the lens will affect your eye colour, you will not know until you try it yourself. Visit an optometrist to find out what type of coloured contact lenses suits you.


It's great fun to experiment with coloured lenses and to try different colours. However, no matter how tempting it is you must never try someone else's lenses or change colour with a friend because the risk of spreading an infection is high. Follow our optician's advice for a safe and secure lens wear.


What does your eye colour represent?

Blue eyes: Blue-eyed people are usually very kind and like to make other people happy. They are perceived as smart and good at kissing. People with blue eyes thrive in long relationships.

Green eyes: People with green eyes are special because of their rarity. Green eyes are associated with magic and the person may be perceived as a bit mysterious. Green-eyed people are passionate in relationships and like intimacy.

Brown eyes: Brown-eyed people are attractive and social people. They are reliable and will do anything for those close to them. They are kind and love to cheer up other people.

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