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About Acuvue

Acuvue contact lenses are one of the leading brands in soft contact lenses manufactured by Vistakon which is a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. Acuvue was introduced in 1987 as the world's first weekly contact lens and is manufactured with the patented technology SSM (Stabilized Soft Molding). SSM technology means that the lens is molded while soft, and this means the moisture problems that can occur during casting are lost.


Products and Development

In 1994 Acuvue dominated about two -thirds of the contact lens market. Their quest to find new technologies and develop lens improvements led to the introduction of the world's first daily disposable lens in 1995, 1-Day Acuvue. Designed to be used just once and then replaced with new sterile lenses made wearing lenses easier and eliminated the need for cleaning solutions for millions of customers worldwide.


Developments since then have progressed and in 2005 Acuvue introduced the Johnson & Johnson Vision Care's first silicone hydrogel lens Acuvue Advance and over a year later it was followed by Acuvue Oasys.


2008 brought 1-Day Acuvue TruEye, a lens that is considered to be the best innovation in contact lens development in the last 10 years.


They are constantly moving forward and have a great range of lenses, from daily disposables to toric two-week lenses like Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism.

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